About the Author


My parents named me Steve Giese, and I was lucky enough to grow up in the UNESCO city of literature, Iowa City, Iowa. As such, I fell in love with writing at a young age and this passion has been simmering inside me ever since. Now, at 30-years-old, it has reached a rolling boil, and the words are splashing over the rim onto the burner. To avoid making a mess of the stove I am diverting these words into my second novel and the blog at which you find yourself. I am in search of an agent to represent my first novel, Back There Somewhere, a psychological thriller exploring the dark side of human nature, so if you’re an agent… Hi. I’m Steve.

When I’m not happily working toward carpal tunnel at a coffee shop, I am Dad-man to a 11-year-old son who is absurdly intelligent, imaginative, and always good for a laugh. Since coffee and wine cost money, I spend my days as an Automation Engineer for a lip balm manufacturing plant. So if you’re an agent with chapped lips… Hi. I’m Steve.

And if you’re a reader, thank you with the deepest sincerity.